Do you own your own business?

Do you presently sell something?

Have you considered using speaking to promote your products or services?


The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership

Please understand I am not talking about standing up to do a two-minute elevator pitch at the next network meeting.  Ultimately do you realize how many opportunities you are missing to sell your goods or services by not speaking?

Here’s the problem,

Most people are trying to build their businesses by behaving like business beggars… at least metaphorically speaking, they are putting out their hands and begging…you know what I’m talking about, you probably met 20 of them at your last Network meeting.

These are the folks with the plastic smile and regurgitated elevator pitch. You know the pitch I’m talking about, because as soon as you heard it you got instant amnesia, because as much as they tell you they are different it all sounds the same, look the same.  So you have no desire to be around them, because there is nothing new, interesting or even slightly authentic about them. And secretly you feel the desire to run away from them because like I said; it feels like you are around a desperate beggar.

There again, there are those folks who just stand out, you instantly get that what they offer is different, exciting and desirable…When you speak russian mail order bride catalog with them there is a feeling of instant kinship, familiarity and friendship. If you pay attention it becomes clear that it is never about ‘what they are selling’ but rather who they are, and that naturally makes you want to buy what they are selling.

Some of you may know, or have met someone like that; you may even be one of those people. You see authentic speaking isn’t just about the techniques, or the methods that make you sound good, authentic speaking is about allowing yourself to truly open up and share your message with others from a place of knowing that you can and will powerfully impact the people in front of you. So that they not only buy what you are offering but they become life long friends.

Bottom line…we all want to be love, appreciate, recognized and valued.

You see this is about you, the truly authentic person you are, that in all likelihood doesn’t find a way out too often. That’s the part of you that can make the biggest difference in your business and in the lives you touch.

That is what makes The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership different….

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Man with Microphone

If you’ve never fully considered using speaking to promote your goods or service, let me tell you about just 3 things you are missing out on.

  1. We all want more customers. Speaking is a fantastic way to have your current customers bring more customers to you!
  2. Most obviously that you get the opportunity to offer your wares to potentially hundreds at a time as opposed to one at a time… and that puts a lot more dollars in your pocket
  3.  Many of us would love the opportunity to travel to beautiful new, and exotic places.  How about being able to travel to fabulous places and instead of paying for it, you get paid to do it!
  4.  As human being we are all hard wired to want love, appreciation and recognition… you know we all, at least secretly want to feel like a rock star! Yet at the same time many of us have a deep desire to touch the hearts a souls of others.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you felt like a rock star and at the same time knew with every fiber of your being that you are making a massive difference?

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