Certified Communications Expert, partner, member of the advisory board for Authentic Paragon Alliance

Even though Renuka Baron’s formal education is in health sciences, she left her career in dentistry in 2004 to coordinate and co facilitate personal development seminars and training focusing on women’s empowerment, uncompromised relationships, parenting and leadership.

Renuka is a certified Communications Expert and has a licensed NLP Practitioner. She also mentors at Dov Baron’s Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership which is billed as: The toughest speaker-leadership training on the planet. She is a full partner, co facilitator and mentor in Dov Baron International and Authentic Paragon Alliance who train executives and corporate leadership teams to become Full Monty (authentic) leaders.

Renuka’s philosophy is that women must let go of playing small and embrace their feminine power, confidently voice opinions, operate from a place of equality in all relationships, personal and professional. In turn they can create healthy loving environment in their homes and healthy models of empowered women for their daughters and sons who respect and value women as much as men.

She believes women’s realities can only change if each woman is willing to do what it takes to change it rather than waiting for someone else to take the reigns. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where women who challenge traditions that don’t serve us anymore, and laws that create separation instead of uniting us, can be perceived as bitches, even by other women.

Renuka Baron also is the author of Secret Confessions of Queen Bitch: